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Computer Music

Scientific area of pertinence: ING-INF/05

This course covers a wide range of fundamental topics on computer music, with particular reference to sound classification, music annotation and automatic music composition. A relevant part of the course will be dedicated to laboratories and hands-on activities.

Topics addressed (theory and practice):

  • Part 1: Sound classification
    • From sound analysis to sound classification
    • Audio features
    • Machine learning techniques for sound classification
    • Advanced topics of sound classification
  • Part 2: Automatic Composition and Computer Music Languages
    • MIDI protocol, its evolution and limits
    • Open Sound Control
    • Music XML
    • Automatic Music Composition
    • An introduction to SuperCollider as a language for sound synthesis and music composition
    • Interaction design using external devices
  • Part 3: Music Annotation and Music Emotion Recognition
    • Music Annotation of drum patterns and pitched sounds
    • Music Emotion Recognition