Faculty members

Prof. Stefano Tubaro
full professor
Prof. Augusto Sarti
associate professor
Prof. Marco Tagliasacchi
associate professor
Prof. Marco Marcon
assistant professor
Prof. Fabio Antonacci
assistant professor

Postdoctoral researchers

Dr. Paolo Bestagini
postdoc researcher
Distributed Microphone Networks
Dr. Antonio Canclini
postdoc researcher
Distributed Microphone Networks, Acoustics of Musical Instruments, Acoustic scene rendering
Dr. Dejan Marković
postdoc researcher
Acoustic scene analysis, modeling of acoustic propagation in complex environments
Dr. Massimiliano ZanoniMusic Informatics, Music Information Retrieval, Mood Emotion Recognition, Music Instrument Analysis, Semantic Web
Dr. Marco Compagnoni
postdoc researcher
Mathematical modeling of space-time processing algorithms

PhD Students

Ing. Alberto Bernardini
Ing. Lucio BianchiAcoustic scene Analysis and rendering
Ing. Michele Buccoli
Ing. Bruno di GiorgiMusic Informatics, Music Information Retrieval, Music Transcription
Ing. Silvia Lameri
Ing. Francesco SetragnoMusic Instrument Analysis, Semantic Web
Ing. Muhammad ShahnawazBinaural Rendering, Head Related Transfer Function

Research support staff

Visiting researchers

Dr. Sivaprasad NandyalaEmotion Recognition from speech